CNC Turning/Milling

What is CNC Machining?

CNC machining is a subtractive manufacturing process that uses rotating computer-controlled cutting tools like drills, end mills, and turning tools to remove material from a solid block of material to shape a desired structure. It is a viable option for manufacturing parts with a range of materials and surface finishes. In addition, multiple machines can use the same programming drawings at the same time, which greatly increases the speed and capability of the production process. Nowadays, almost all factories use digital programming drawings to direct CNC machines on how to cut the workpiece.

Huachen Precision is offering a full range of CNC processed, which includes 3/4/5 Axis CNC machining, CNC turning/lathe, drilling, boring, countersinking, counter boring, tapping, reaming, wire EDM and EDM, plus more. We can rapidly produce your CNC machined parts with precise tolerances, excellent mechanical properties and an excellent surface effect.

Advantages of CNC Machining


A wide range of materials is an obvious advantage. Many different metals and plastics are supported.


CNC machined Parts have a high precision which could absolutely reach out the tolerance of technical drawings.
CNC machining can make different products, no matter how complex they are, how curved they are, or how deep they are.

Processing of a difficult detail from metal a mill on the machine

Surface Treatment

CNC machined parts could make all kinds of surface treatments. They have great the properties and appearance.

Rapid Delivery

CNC machines can be worked continuously day and night and only need to be switched off while operated the maintenance. All custom prototype samples will be rapidly delivered for. 

Efficient & Accurate

CNC Programming is utilized by engineers to create program instructions, which can be manufactured in hundreds or even thousands of parts. Each manufactured part will be exactly the
same. It is highly efficient and accurate for batch production.

Available CNC Materials

Plastic material Aluminum Mild, Alloy, Tool & Mold Steel Stainless Steel Other Metal Material
ABS (natural, white, black) AL2014 Mild steel 1018 301 SS Brass C360
ABS+PC (black) AL2017 Mild steel 1045 302 SS Brass H59
PC (clear, black) AL2017A Mild steel A36 303 SS Brass H62
PC+30%GF (black) AL2024-T3 Alloy steel 4140 304 SS Copper C101
PMMA (clear, black) AL5052-H32 Alloy steel 4340 316 SS Copper C110
POM/DELRIN/ACETAL (white, black) AL5083-T6 Tool steel O1 316L SS Bronze C954
PP (white, black) AL6061-T6 Tool steel A2 416 SS Magnesium AZ31B
PE (white, black) AL6061-T651 Tool steel A3 416L SS Inconel 718
NYLON (white, black) AL6082-T6 Mold steel D2 17-4 SS  
NYLON+30%GF (black) AL7050-T6 Mold steel P20 440C SS  
PPS (white, black) AL7075-T6 Mold steel S7    
PEEK (black, wheat) AL7075-T351 Mold steel H13    
PEEK+30%GF (black) AL7075-T651 Mold steel SKD11    
ULTEM (black, amber)        
FR4 (black, aque)        
PTFE/TEFLON (white, black)             
PVC (grey, clear)        
HDPE (white, black)             
UHMWPE (white, black)             

CNC Machined Parts Showcase


High Precise Tolerance CNC Aluminum


OEM Machined Parts


5 Axis CNC Milling OEM Part


Precision Prototype Part


CNC Steel Part


CNC Machined Rapid Prototype


Small Batch Black Anodized Parts


CNC Turning Aluminum Part


Custom Part On-Demand


Fast Turnaround Prototype


Glossy Transparent Car Light Shell


Glossy Transparent Car Light Shell


High Precision Spider Artware


Custom 5 Axis CNC Vane Wheel


OEM CNC Precision Part


0.001mm High Precision Lathing Part


Model Car By 360° Milling


Ra0.8 Roughness Smooth Machined


CNC Lathe Glossy Seel Part


CNC Milling+Lathe Steel Part


CNC Black Anodized Part


CNC Transparent PMMA Part